The album Room 13 was recorded July 17th 2008 at the Classical Studio and contains nine pieces. All the music is original. It is a modern Jazz piano trio. The musicians are:
Asaf Flumendorf on piano, Noam Israeli on drums and Yair Loewenson on bass. Recording engineer is Eyal Zaliouk. The CD is distributed by

In August 2010 I recorded my next album "The Aquarium" at the Classical Studio. Like the previous album it is a modern Jazz piano trio, this time with Eran Talmor on the piano and Noam Israeli on the drums. The CD includes nine original tunes, one of them a composition by Eran Talmor.

The CD Old Bottles New Wine featuring the legendary tenor sax player Mark Turner was released at 2015. In 2016 Yair was a guest of the Jazz faculty of the University of Delaware and performed in Philadelphia. A collaboration with American vibes player Harvey Price led to performances in Vienna and a CD that will be released soon. Yair is a co-founder at ToneLine, a company that provides music lessons at the Internet.

Bass: I play electric bass since 1990. The bass is the first instrument that I performed with. These days I teach the bass to many students. My favorite bass players are: Jeff Berlin, Steve Swallow and Jaco Pastorius. Jeff Berlin is a very original player that got a unique voice on the instrument. I recommend his CD "Pump It". Steve Swallow: another great bassist and composer. I dig his solos and compositions and very muchrecommend his album "Home". Jaco Pastorius is the most popular bass player. He's a real revolutionist. I dig his sound and his great freedom and recommend listening to him on Weather Report CDs.

Recording with Eran Talmor:
We recorded one of my compositions at home. Eran Talmor used a software by Pianoteq. After sending the recorded piece to the company, they put it on their demo page: The title is: "leolam lo".

In the year 2000 I performed at two Jazz festivals:
The first was "Jazz Rally Düsseldorf" in Germany, where I played with the local big band as a soloist.
The second was the prestigious "Red Sea Festival" in Eilat, Israel, where I participated with the Haifa Septet. This band played some of my compositions and arrangements.
During the 90's I performed at two other festivals in Israel: "Ein Gev Festival" and "Misgav's Days of Music and Nature".